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Want to know what a Handwriting Analysis Report looks like?
Here's an exact sample based on a case study of Diane Sawyer

Diane Sawyer is the former anchor of ABC World News. Her elegant and energetic handwriting indicates that her life’s goals fly so high that most people think her dreams are merely castles in the air.  Yet Diane Sawyer’s handwriting shows she is clearly equipped and determined to reach up to grasp them, and she does.

Sample handwriting analysis report by Diane Sawyer
Sample handwriting analysis report by Diane Sawyer

Here is a sample of Ms. Sawyer’s script. She wrote it especially for an analysis by Sheila Kurtz, master graphologist and president of Graphology Consulting Group, the world’s leading handwriting analysis company. Ms. Sawyer's analysis is from precisely the same program that Graphology Consulting Group uses for on-line Clients.

Diane Sawyer

Poise and self respect are evident in your handwriting. You comport yourself with balance, freedom from affectation and with good composure.

There is evidence in your handwriting of excessive sensitivity to criticism, and your reactions may not always be constructive. Fear of criticism can operate as a goad (or a drive) to the perfection of skills and/or techniques; or it may be a self-imposed limit to productivity. The capacity to recognize excessive sensitivity to criticism may prove an asset to you, if you can learn to evaluate, with less pain, both positive and negative reviews of your endeavors by others.

Your enthusiasm is shown in the sweep of the T-bars across the letter stem. This is an indication of your strength of feeling. This trait indicates your ability to inspire others. (Keep sweeping your T-bars. It is a very positive trait.) 

The slashed i dots in your writing show you are not very patient and may, in some situations, become irritable. These feelings are shorter-lived than temper and are most often caused by chronic fatigue, nervousness, and frustrations. Sometimes it helps, even in the busiest schedule, to relax and look at the overall picture again.

You show a tendency towards secretiveness. You have the capacity to keep confidential information to yourself. This means you may be a trusted friend and confidant. In certain personal situations, however, you might benefit from opening up.

You think and act in accord with your own beliefs regardless of the influence or persuasion of others. You are independent and make up your own mind. This trait is shown by the short t and d stems in your writing. Your associates might consider you strong-willed. It would be a good thing for you to consider the need of others in your dealings with them, although you should not compromise your own closely held principles.

Your handwriting indicates varied responses to stress. Under certain situations you show resistance to stress and at other times stress will have a greater impact on you and its effects will last longer. You tend mostly to be balanced in stressful situations.

The formation of your m's and n's indicate your methodical, logical thinking. You build fact upon fact and then draw your own conclusions. You must not be rushed in the process. You may have difficulty in dealing with deadlines especially where you do not have enough time to follow your natural inclination to research and test every aspect of the situation.

The wedge formations in your M's and N's are a strong indication of your investigative thinking process. You enjoy searching for answers and are resourceful in gathering your own information. In handwriting, larger wedge formations show a proportionately greater capacity to investigate and explore a situation. The ability will help you get to the root of a problem and make decisions based on the facts you uncover.

The lower loops in your writing indicate a vivid, active imagination. You have the ability to come up with original innovative ideas. You are probably happiest when you can work in a creative way and you will likely achieve rather spectacular results if you can deal with the practicalities of bringing your ideas to fruition.

The placement of your T-bar over the T-stem indicates a tendency to set your goals so high as to seem unrealistic to others. You may be told that when daydreaming gets out of hand it can interfere with your personal performance. You may be warned that the setting of “unreasonable goals” leads to failed expectations and, sometimes, deep disappointment. Your overall handwriting indicates that you are capable of doing whatever you set your mind to, so keep setting them high.

You tend to become confused if you are faced with too many projects at one time. You are capable of handling varied or diversified tasks, but for maximum efficiency you should take one at a time. Try making a list of each day's tasks and organize your day into a sequence of attainable goals. Confusion is often the result of having too many irons in the fire. Your ideas are so diverse that at times it may be difficult for you to focus your thoughts on one subject at a time.

Your handwriting sample shows strong evidence of personal initiative. This aspect of your personality gives you the ability to initiate new ideas and actions. You are a self-motivator and are able to take decisive steps without relying on others to encourage you. This trait is most useful in helping you to achieve your goals.

You take pride in yourself and your abilities and would like others to hold you in high esteem. The trait of pride is at times an asset. It helps you to set a higher standard of conduct for yourself. The degree to which one has pride is measured by the height of the stems compared to the rest of the writing. Because you value your self-respect, you make a special effort to keep your personal and work standards high.

Change and variety work well for you. You are happiest when your daily routine is filledwith multiple tasks or events. In order to avoid becoming scattered take one project at a time. Ordinary routine can quickly become boring to you. In any work situation your tasks should be as dissimilar as possible. You enjoy travel for the change it brings to your life, as well as for the new people you may meet along the way. This characteristic is shown by the long lower loops in your writing.

You have a strong drive combined with the ability to direct your actions in a purposeful manner. You are a good self-starter and a good self-motivator. Strong drive is essential to success and will show itself in a positive manner in every area of your life. Drive and purposefulness are indicated in the vigorous strokes of your T-bars.

You have the ability to reach clear-cut decisions. Your opinions are expressed with assurance. Therefore, you can face finality without trepidation because you have the full understanding of the matter at hand. This trait is a prime requisite for leadership.

The slant in your handwriting suggests that you are an emotional "extrotype." This means you are highly responsive emotionally, which makes you ultra-sympathetic to the needs of others. You respond to situations with your emotions first and apply logic secondarily. This trait enables you to be perceived by others as quite charming and very outgoing.

It is natural, at times, for you to act first and think later. Your thinking is never entirely detached from your emotional reactions, and you are constantly affected by them. You will work to develop your reasoning, logic and control in order to counterbalance your intensely emotional reactions to people and situations.

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