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See what other's are saying about their personal handwriting analysis report
by Master Graphologist, Sheila Kurtz
Interested in having your handwriting analyzed?
See what other's are saying!

Super impressive!! The analysis report was so “me” that I blurted out, 

“They must have talked to my mother!!”

 – Claire Dillworth, Boston, MA

“Dear Sheila,

We had almost everyone in our wedding party send a sample of their handwriting analyzed and then they all shared their profiles at the rehearsal It was THE MOST FUN PARTY EVER! People from our two strange families really got to know each other.  There was laughing and friendly vibes all night long. It was a miracle.”  

-Piney Webster, Marquette, Michigan

“I only wish my mother was alive to read this report.

This is what I was trying to tell her about me all her life.”

– Edward Cole, orthopedic surgeon, Dorset, England

“Getting my handwriting analysis by you guys was the most intelligent thing I did at the entire medical conference. I’m a psychiatrist and your insights about me opened my eyes.”

– Phillipe Eggenberg, MD Vienna, Austria

“I was annoyed and disturbed when my report said I am ‘sensitive to criticism’ and may ‘blow things out of proportion’, but all of my friends and relatives laughed and said it was true, and I really learned something important about myself.”

– Mark Massy, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

“Dear Sheila,

your analysis lighted my way to my marriage. . . 

It told me that I practically never listened to anyone all the way through because

I was too busy cooking up my reply. I asked my lover about it and he said,

“YES!!!” So now I listen all the way through and it’s awesome how

much better our conversations are, in and out of bed.” 

-Michelle Orenstein, NYC (8).png
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Handwriting analysis is a valuable tool that helps you understand how others are thinking. 
We can analyze your partners, friends, boss or anyone else's handwriting so you can gain
a deeper understanding of their personality and improve your compatibility.
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