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Lady Gaga's Handwriting Analysis - by Sheila Kurtz

The original handwriting analysis of Lady Gaga by our CEO, Sheila Kurtz, was originally published in the Second edition of the Autograph Collection Hotel Magazine. We have added it to our blog for all little monsters to enjoy and share below.

LADY GAGA may be stubborn at times and hang on to her opinions and control long after she knows that she should let go (tent-like formations on t's such as in the work "Little").

The second hump on the M of "Monsters" is smaller than the first, an indication she's respectful in her dealings with others and treats most people with tenderness. Her t bars cross her t 's at different heights means her goals range from high to low. As awesome as she can be, she likely underestimates her abilities.

Tenacious final hooks on several letters say that what gets into her hands will not be fumbled nor easily released.

The billowing lower loop of the y in "Thank You" indicates hyperactive  imagination that may exaggerate and inflate small things into great big things. This theatrical loop also gets tangled with the letters below, a signal that the writer is willing to create an expressive and at times confusing jumble when her imagination is operating at full force.

Needle points on the m and n, and the spaces between letters within words, indicate a thinker with a very quick mind who trusts her intuition.

There are no "start-up" strokes. She is direct and attends to matters on time. The slant of letters varies from left to right, so one cannot easily anticipate alternating moods, attitudes, and rhythms.

Open-topped letters such as a's and g's indicate someone who likes to talk but certainly can improve her listening skills.

She is protective of her personal life and her raw feelings. It is not easy to know who she is.  Her handwriting displays a wavering quality that means she probably doesn't know yet either.

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