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How does handwriting influence a person’s IQ? By Sheila Kurtz, Master Graphologist

Handwriting is in fact influenced by a person’s level of intelligence (not necessarily reflected in an IQ score) and, in certain circumstances, the expression of intelligence is and can be influenced by handwriting.

It is intelligent to create and present the most legible handwriting possible since handwriting’s purpose is to record information and garbled, unreadable information is a worthless waste of time. Intelligent people do not engage in too many worthless wastes of time.

Intelligent people make an effort to improve their thinking skills. Benjamin Franklin copied the handwriting of people whose character and perspicacity he admired and took what he considered the best parts of their penmanship into his own script. He felt the good qualities he sought would be constantly impressed upon his mind as he wrote, which he did every day for most of the day.

Contrary to what the pundits say, handwriting is neither dead nor dying. But it is becoming a tool reserved for the elite, and the elite are usually intelligent.

Ergo, your handwriting can teach you about yourself in ways you may not realize exist, but in handwriting, they do exist.

Intelligent people want to know what their handwriting is telling them and others about themselves. If you are so interested, it is worthwhile to visit

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