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How handwriting analysis can pick winners

How Handwriting Analysis Can Pick Winners
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SHARE THIS WITH A RECRUITER! The scouts for a successful professional hockey team presented Master Analyst, Sheila Kurtz with handwriting samples of 53 young candidates (each 20 years old or older) whom the scouts had rated for their athletic ability.

Sheila was asked to select the top 10 for leadership and winning traits. Her decisions would save the team the cost of interviewing 43 less-than-optimal candidates, and because handwriting analysis is blind to gender, race, ethnicity, personal appearance, and religion, there was no chance of illegal or sentimental personal discrimination.

Of the 10, Sheila chose the top two. One became a top league goalie, the other a ranking forward. The team went on to the championship rounds.

Handwriting analysis is used worldwide by employers, security agencies,clinicians, and individuals as a highly accurate screening and placement tool.

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