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How can I get more professional handwriting?

How can I get more professional handwriting? My writing currently looks like a kindergartner wrote it blindfolded!


There are qualified teachers of penmanship and calligraphy in most major cities on earth.

However we have never seen the handwriting of a blindfolded kindergarten child and we suspect that it really isn’t that primitive but may well be “messy” or scrawled, or something mechanically fixable.

If you are beyond the age of about 18 you have developed your handwriting with the help or hindrance of good and bad teachers. You may not even be able to read cursive, much less write it.

If you are teachable and willing to work a bit, you ought to be writing at least legible printing or script within a week. Then your natural character will take over and you’ll make changes as your personality dictates.

Your handwriting is the instrument panel of your personality; if you can’t read what your handwriting is saying about you, you are missing out on many ways to improve both your personal life and your career.

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