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Hillary Rodham Clinton's Handwriting Analysis -By Sheila Kurtz

The handwriting of Hillary Rodham Clinton presents one problematic trait clearly and often: She is overly sensitive to destructive criticism, as indicated the swollen loops in her "d" letters.

The barrage of nastiness she routinely receives does what it is intended to do: It hurts!

I've also kept track of Clinton's handwriting for many years, and her personality has remained relatively constant:

She is direct in her thinking and speaking, at times blunt."On the move" is how she prefers to live life. Her motions are full of high energy (as signaled by full lower loops in her letters "p").Her determination to see matters through to the end is potent and enduring. (Emphatic and unembellished down strokes of "j", "y", and "g" forms..) Her material imagination is full (large lower loops on her "y" and "g" forms) and she can bring many of her dreams up to reality.

Her goals (dreams with a deadline) are high enough so that she must stretch to reach them (her t-bars cross her t stems at or near the top). She thinks first and then acts. Impulsiveness is not a significant part of her personality. (As signaled by the near vertical slant to her overall script.) She is ruled by her head, not her heart.

She is fairly comfortable in the company of others but, like Thomas Jefferson, she may be happiest alone by herself. Clinton likes to talk, better than she likes to listen. She may at times be open-minded to new ideas from others besides her in-group, but frequently she will listen and trust only those who share her preconceptions. Clinton will take the initiative and needs nobody to urge her on.


Sheila Kurtz is president and founder of the Graphology Consulting Group.

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