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Food & Wine Signature Party

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

How can a handwriting analysis make your next event more memorable?

Nina Griscom, of Food & Wine Magazine, shares her experience in the article below on hostess Rena Sindi's Signature - inspired dinner party.

The evening of the event, ever guest received a personal handwriting analysis from Sheila Kurtz and Graphology Consulting, which was individually placed at their seat at the dinner table. Hostess, Rena Sind, requested samples of guests' handwriting. Each guest was asked to handwrite a particular text and send it back for analysis with the return of the RSVP card.


We can customize the message guests write to emphasize the theme of the event, as well as, the presentation of the completed handwriting analysis reports. These handwriting reports are spectacular icebreakers, conversation starters and are extremely personal to every guest.

A handwriting analysis report makes a wonderful take-home party favor. Handwriting is always original and personal.

This Food & Wine Magazine article on how handwriting analysis was the social spark that made this foodies party so memorable.

Consider hosting a Signature Party for your business conference, bridal showers or dinner party. Contact Sheila Kurtz at to learn more.

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