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Order a Handwriting Analysis Report now!  Discover more about you.  Improve relationships.  The understanding you gain from your report can change your life.

use your tablet

or cell phone

EASY AS ... 1, 2, 3!

step no.1

On unlined, white paper write in your most natural handwriting:

"My subconscious is far bigger than my conscious mind and very powerful.  

My handwriting contains clues from my subconscious that may be helpful to my personal and career life."

step no.2

Take a clear, up close photo of the writing sample.

You may submit the sample to us either by scanning it or taking a picture of it with your phone, tablet or camera.  Samples should be submitted as JPG files only.

step no.3

Upload handwriting sample and submit $40 payment.

You can pay for your order via PayPal or any major credit card. Click "Buy Now" to complete your transaction. Upon completion, you'll be routed back to our website.  Samples should be submitted as JPG files only.

You’ll receive your handwriting analysis report within 24 hours,

depending on traffic.

Your personal and private handwriting report by master graphologist Sheila Kurtz is an 

in-depth, 3-5 page document that analyzes your communication style, stress levels, thinking patterns, imagination, goals, creativity, achievement, and emotional structure.

scan their handwriting
Handwriting analysis is a valuable tool that helps you understand how others are thinking. 
We can analyze your partners, friends, boss or anyone else's handwriting so you can gain
a deeper understanding of their personality and improve your compatibility.
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