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Meet our Master Graphologists, Sheila Kurtz & Barnard Law Collier
of Graphology Consulting Group
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An International Team that Really Knows Handwriting 

We are a group of graphologists, document experts, biometricians, researchers, anthropologists, and artists.


Graphology Consulting Group and Graphotechnology are pledged to provide people worldwide with the valuable, clinical class behavioral and physical guidance that professional scientific analysis of handwriting (in its many forms) can provide for individuals, associations, and business entities.

Sheila Kurtz

President, Graphology Consulting Group

Sheila Kurtz is a master graphologist and graphotherapist for major industrial and financial companies, governments and individuals.

She is the author of the graphology textbook entitled Graphotypes: Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life, as well as Handwriting Analysis For Lovers, Rewrite Your Life, and The Clinical Handbook, Handwriting Analysis For Doctors 

Her work is featured in The Wall Street Journal, U.S.A. Today, Time Magazine, Forbes, Paris Match, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Leaders Magazine, and the London Financial Times.

Master Graphologist, Sheila Kurtz
                Get personal with Sheila Kurtz. 
Sheila welcomes you to contact her directly for personal assistance with further questions,
to get an expanded analysis of your handwriting or to obtain a reading of someone else!
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Barnard Law Collier, Director of Development & Research Graphology Consulting Group

Barnard Law Collier

Director of Development and Research

His professional career is as a journalist and book editor. His scientific interest in the study of handwriting harks back to his university days as a student and teacher of cultural anthropology.

His travels as a correspondent and bureau chief for the New York Times have taken him to Europe and Central and South America. He served in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Prague and London. His work has also appeared in the New York Times Sunday Magazine, Esquire, Time Magazine, People, Harper's, Science Digest and the (late, lamented) Texas Farm and Ranch Journal.


Handwriting Analysis

The Graphology Consulting Group also provides handwriting analysis services to corporations, firms, and business intelligence organizations worldwide. We specialize in private and confidential high profile analyses and compatibility reports for upper-middle to top-level management and sales personnel.

scan their handwriting
Handwriting analysis is a valuable tool that helps you understand how others are thinking. 
We can analyze your partners, friends, boss or anyone else's handwriting so you can gain
a deeper understanding of their personality and improve your compatibility.
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