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What key information would you like to know about the personality and character of a man you may date or are dating? Is he honest, or is he not? Is he mentally and physically energetic and creative, or is he shallow and slow? Is he open or narrow minded? Is he sexy or a bore? The analysis of his handwriting will tell you an accurate and helpful story. can help you form and sustain long-term relationships, and it will keep you from wasting time on dates with men who are fundamentally incompatible.

Request a professional handwriting analysis for your man by submitting an online handwriting sample. Follow the instructions below.

You will receive a three-to-six page expert biometric graphology report (handwriting analysis for personality) within 24 hours (usually much less). Each handwriting sample is examined and evaluated by a certified graphologist (with computer assistance), and telephone and email consultations about the results are easily available at [USA] 212-799-9296.


"I never dreamed a handwriting report could be so right about personality. It nailed him. It said he was smart, creative, not too impulsive, strong drive, reachable goals, and takes the initiative... we are now engaged to be married."
- Sandy Green, Ann Arbor, Michigan

" is the acid test for 21st century man/woman relationships. With graphology, you get to see what's under all the personality disguises. and takes much wasted time and drudgery out of dating."
- Carol Lee-Cohen, Cupertino, California

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  • The price is $US40 for an enhanced version that examines integrity, energy, depth and speed of thinking, level of goals, and determination among 80+ evaluated traits.
  • You will receive a three to six page CHAP™ analysis within 24 hours.

What You'll Need

  • A ball point pen
  • A blank (unlined)
    sheet of paper
  • A camera, smart phone
    or iPad

Select the analysis type you'd like, then submit.

See What a CHAP™ Report Looks Like

To see what a CHAP™ Report looks like and reads like, click here to read the report for newswoman Diane Sawyer, who judged the evaluations to be astonishingly accurate.